Apr 2, 2011

Choose Your Own Software

Technology is our tool, accept it, embrace it, control it!
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I spent 12 or 13 years in corporate america managing various operational areas.  I went through the process of purchasing and implementing new software several times during my corporate career.  Never in that time did I dream of letting IT choose the tool (software) that my staff would use to be efficient and effective in their jobs.  IT wasn't familar with the task that my people need to complete, what their objectives where, etc....  I'm now in education and although I teach a couple of classes during the day, my primary functions are IT.

I have been asked to select software for departments within the school that will serve as their primary tool in completing their primary functions.  I refused to do this because I'm not qualified, being in IT doesn't qualify me to be the expert in the daily functions of the accounting office.  IT should consult, make sure the software is compatible with network and hardware capabilities but the ultimate decision needs to be made by the experts, those who will be using the tool to be productive.

I have seen a pattern in education dumping anything related to the computer into IT's responsibility.  IT is going to be concerned with purchasing software that meet their needs and requires the least effort from IT, not what is best for you.  Technology is our tool, accept it, embrace it, control it.