content management systems

What are some of the more common problems with websites? How are Content Management Systems (CMS) able to help with these problems?

  • The site isn't updated - If your site isn't updated why would someone come back a second time?  Using a CMS allows you to maintain the content of your website.
  • Limited features - Most CMS offer robust features or modules that have been developed for that system expanding your sites capabilities.
  • Limited resources to work with the site - Using a CMS potentially allow many users to help in maintaining the content of your site and opens the door for many designers to come in and provide services if needed.

CMS benefits include:

  • Open source options - Many quality open source systems are available for download providing an inexpensive solution.
  • Simple - It's that easy to keep your web site fresh.  Non-techies can maintain content as easy as writing email.
  • More Resources - The simplicity makes it easy to get more people involved keeping the site energetic.
The two CMS's we try and steer people to are CMS Made Simple and Wordpress depending on the sites needs and the users capabilities.  The correct system has to a system the user feels comfortable and empowered to become sucessful.